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What is SBAT Center?

SBAT Center (Smart Bright Advanced Training) is a project aimed at harnessing the potential and enhancing the skillsets and practical orientation of youth completing courses in Professional, Arts and Science colleges without adequate exposure to the market requirements.

This remains one of the greatest challenges for India. Indian youth are pouring out of Professional, Arts and Science Colleges, Polytechnics and ITIs in millions every year. A similar number of youth are also coming into the market place seeking employment after discontinuing their school education.

The Major challenges in this regard are

Creation of employment opportunities, Employability of the youth by enhancing their skills and knowledge Bringing positive change to the attitude and aptitude of these youngsters.

Since the future of the country vests with these youth, it is also important to impart, inculcate and develop the seeds of value added thinking and good traits including integrity, sincerity, clarity of purpose, honesty, focus on productivity and turning them away from addiction, corruption, etc.

The current education system is far from adequate in terms of bringing about these gargantuan shifts in thinking, attitudes, aptitude, etc. There is a pressing need to develop focussed holistic training and tools to create a future generation with the right values to enable India to lead the World from the front.

Our Services

SBAT Center is Managed IT Services includes high quality, end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions to cost-effectively manage your IT operations efficiently. SBAT CENTER' IT Product Support Services includes superior technical support with access to certified skilled expertise, secure processes and innovative technology support solutions.


Employability skills are core skills and traits needed in nearly every job. These are the general skills that make someone employable.           


Youth are the most important and dynamic segment of the population in any country.We can undoubtedly say that today’s young are tomorrow’s leaders.


SBAT Center offers a comprehensive classroom training program to prepare students for SSC CGL and other Government Examinations.


We support both Software, Networking and Server technologies training with more practical classes. So, we always prefers to give training.

Our Clients

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Dynamic (Focused, Fast, Frequent, Flexible and Fun) Learning

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that no man can step into the same river twice, because it’s not the same river and he isn’t the same man. It was his way of expressing the reality that change is the only constant in the universe. Between globalization and fast-evolving technology, that truism is as relevant today as it was in Heraclitus’s times. Continuous education and self-improvement are imperative to keep up with work and life in a rapidly changing world.


Learning a technology with a professional who is well expertise in that solve 100% of your needs.
We are dead cheap in fees. Quality training with less price is only at SBAT Center.
We support any training with more practical classes. So, we always prefers to give hands-on training.
Every course in covered with interview point questions and real-time scenarios of what the company may look after from you.

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